Are you thinking about taking on a physical, mental or emotional task that feels bigger than what you believe you can handle? Well, do not despair – you can do this at your own pace. Whether it is an actual foot race like a 3 mile run where your pace brings you past the finish line long after everyone else has finished and gone home or your plans for obtaining a college degree at age 39 includes also first getting your GED while working and raising a family or you have suffered an emotional tragedy and are struggling to find your new normal – please know that your pace is the right pace. Although, there are targets for meeting these types of goals only you know the right pace for you.  
     is the place where  people come together to find encouragement  and help each other by sharing  personal stories about  being in the race even when  your pace does not  seem to keep up with others.

We all belong in the race at any pace – start something new TODAY!  Just FIND YOUR PACE
Here is MY STORY
Finding Your Pace
Aqui cuento mi Historia
Here is MY STORY Finding Your Pace Aqui cuento mi Historia
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  There is more to Hank Van Joslin than his successful real estate career which is revealed in his book,
     “Stepping Stones to Success”
where Van Joslin  graces the cover and is featured among other notables  as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Denis Waitley and Jack Canfield. “My contribution to ‘Stepping Stones’ draws from my  soon to be published book titled,
               “The Colonel’s son”
(New Vision Publishing) where I share my story of being paralyzed, but also my philosophy on what it takes to achieve real success in life,” Van Joslin said. Not only does Van Joslin’s new book espouse his philosophy  about life, but also fulfills his own messianic  mission if you will, to help people help themselves.
              The Colonel’s Son
                       A diplomatic tragedy  

A cold war era real life tragedy;  The Colonel’s Son is the true story about the casualties  of diplomatic families,  living in a third world island nation where as a 17 year high school student son of former high ranking US diplomat he is targeted and suffers a life changing event.   Learn how through his recovery he continues to change the lives of many.
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